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Owen's Mowing is a family-owned business that specializes in mowing, landscaping, fertilizer, weed control, snow removal services and much more. The Owen’s Mowing team has done it all when it comes to maintaining and beautifying the Elkhorn and Omaha metro areas.

In 2003, Owen Kobes started mowing at the age of 11. He established Owen’s Mowing as an LLC during the summer of 2013. His younger brother, Jack Kobes, has also been in the business since he was old enough to push a mower. As co-owners, these two brothers worked tirelessly to provide exceptional service to customers to build Owen's Mowing into the company it is today. After 15+ years of serving customers – and now numerous employees – the company's commitment to excellence has allowed it to help customers with any project they are looking to accomplish, whether that be manicuring a lawn to perfection or helping create the landscape of their dreams.

The Owen’s Mowing team works to create and maintain beautiful outdoor spaces so their clients – and community – can reconnect with nature.

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Owen Kobes

In 2003, Owen Kobes began his passion for lawn and landscaping by mowing a few of the neighbors’ yards at the age of 11. Owen established Owen’s Mowing as an LLC during the summer of 2013.

Owen has a degree in finance with minors in business management and economics from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. He and his wife, Jocie, reside near Valley with their two children, Penelope and Parker, and dog, Stella.

Jack Kobes

Owen’s brother, Jack Kobes, has been an instrumental part of the Owen’s Mowing story since the very beginning by working various projects and supporting the business during high school and college.

Jack has a degree in supply chain management with a minor in business management from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He lives in Elkhorn with his wife, Kayla, and their pets, Nova and Pip.

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Are you a go-getter who is looking to show off your mowing or landscaping skills? Do you have experience in yard care and snow removal and are looking to join an awesome crew? If so, Owen's Mowing would love to talk with you.

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